Yoga Therapy Series

How Yoga Impacts the Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Strengthens the mind and body
  • Increases the ability to handle stress, triggers and anxiety
  • Improves social skills, emotional well-being, sensory, mental and physical health

That’s why Poppy Life Care offers customized, therapeutic yoga classes virtually and through our partnership with Hoag Hospital. Providing the community and those living with autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression additional resources and practices outside of traditional medicine.

Yoga Programs: Lesson 1 – Shoulder Stretches By: Quinn Hopp
Yoga Programs: Lesson 2 – Top Back Stretches By: Quinn Hopp
Yoga Programs: Lesson 3 – Top 5 Hip Opening Poses By: Quinn Hopp
Yoga Programs: Lesson 4 – Top 5 Hamstring Stretches By: Quinn Hopp

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About Quinn Hopp

Quinn Hopp, PLC Yoga Instructor

Quinn Hopp was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, California, before attending the University of Oregon and eventually arriving in Los Angeles. She is an outspoken vegan activist and animal rights advocate in search of truth, justice, and the perfect cup of green tea.

Quinn brings traditional yogic values of nonviolence to life through her vegan diet and lifestyle. She is known for her quick wit, strong convictions, and sense of humor. As a child who had no athletic ability and described her middle school gym class as a “personal hell,” Quinn aims to make yoga less intimidating by making it more accessible to everyone.