Music Program

Music Program

Have fun singing popular songs and new ones, while developing confidence and self-esteem with every note!

Taught by Poppy Life Care music instructor Susan Mattoon, our six-week therapeutic vocal class is designed for students age 7 to 17 and covers the basics of singing techniques, including warm-ups, body posture and relaxation necessary to sing properly.

You will sing songs in a virtual group setting* to help with development of ear training and blending your voice with others. This is helpful in developing a routine in phrasing and rhythm, plus strengthening your ability to hold a note.

No previous vocal experience needed!

If you have a vocal audition coming up, want the extra confidence that vocal lessons provide, or just want to learn how to sing, we also offer private, one-hour lessons. Schedule an appointment using the link below.

*Requires students to have a reliable internet connection.


Sign up for the six-week class that meets on Mondays from 4-5:30 PM Pacific Time. 


I would like a consultation with the music instructor to learn more or discuss the option of private lessons.

Susan Mattoon

Music Therapy Program Manager

Susan Mattoon has been a private Voice and Piano instructor for over 15 years. She has taught vocals with the Arts & Learning Conservatory (ALC) in Costa Mesa, California and conducted vocal classes at several schools throughout Orange County. She has also served as music director for several musical productions at ALC. When not volunteering for Poppy Life Care, Susan is the Glee Instructor at Buena Terra Elementary School in Buena Park, California, working with an 80-member group, staging two “show choir” style performances each year.