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Integrated, Holistic Approach to Care

We welcome you to our community! We are so happy to have YOU and support you or your family in a journey to better health and balance. Poppy Life Care has set out to positively impact our communities and its people who live with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression.
Our hope is to empower families and individuals to help them achieve their full potential and support the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements of a human being. Below are some of our featured programs that can be done on your OWN TIME. We know you have a lot on your platewe know life can be difficult….which is WHY we make this as EASY as possible for you to access our digital products and educational materials.
When you purchase products or services from us, we put 100% of the sale back into serving the community. As a non-profit organization this is what separates us from the rest. So not only do you get a great service, but you are giving to a larger cause at the same time!

Featured Programming

Live Virtual Yoga for Families & Individuals

How can Yoga help?

  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Learn calming poses and breathing techniques
  • Attain more focus and concentration
  • Enhance emotional and physical balance

We offer FREE videos, 1:1 consultations w/ our Yoga Instructor AND group classes. 
Click here to learn more.

Mindfulness Coaching & Course for Parents & Adults

What is mindfulness coaching?

  • Reduce negative self-talk and improve behavior
  • Triggers! Strengthen coping skills and reduce triggers due to anxiety & depression
  • Lessen worrisome thoughts and sleep better
  • Decrease judgemental thoughts towards self and others

Guided 4-week coaching program with our Mindfulness Coach, Nikki. You get 1:1 support and will learn tools and skills to live a more balance life.
Value up to $129, SALE for only $49. Click here to learn more.

Nutritional Education & Coaching

Turns out, you are what you eat!

  • Brain-gut health impacts brain function and guides emotions
  • Supplement guidance, discounts and education
  • Brain health recipes
  • Nutritional Newsletter with EXCLUSIVE content and discounts
  • How to read a nutritional label PLUS do’s and don’ts

We offer FREE educational materials. paid 1:1 coaching and discounts for supplements with groups like Simple Spectrum. Click here to learn more.

1:1 Life Coaching with Mama Peace!

Need help navigating the special needs world?

  • Self-care tools and practices
  • A listening ear from someone that has walked in your shoes
  • Guided exercises for coping with a diagnosis or stress
  • Decrease anxiety and reduce worrisome thoughts

You get a 1 hour session with our Life Coach.
Value up to $160, YOU only pay $111.


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