“Poppy Life Care is headed in the direction families want and need. The passion behind this non-profit is undeniable and is sure to offer so much for so many.With huge strides already accomplished, I can’t wait to participate in the future events PLC has in store. If you are looking for a way to ‘harness your passion’, this is the group you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for a way to get connected with families and friends who are navigating and coping through similar things, look no further.
PLC has the heart to do great things. “


“My journey with PLC has been amazing. Erica is so personable and wants her volunteers to feel welcome and appreciated. She is is open to suggestions and is a wonderful person. If you want to give back, I suggest volunteer for this wonderful organization.”


“I joined Poppy Life Care in Nov 2019 and since then it’s been an amazing journey for me. I love volunteering with Poppy Life Care. All the volunteers are amazing and so helpful. Poppy Life Care is our founder Erica’s passion project. I have learned so many new things in these few months. Erica our Executive director and founder is just a message away. Whenever we need help she is always available. I am really thankful to Poppy Life Care for giving me this opportunity where I can give back to society, learn, and connect with amazing people. PLC motivates me to stay healthy both physically and mentally. We have so many programs such as Yoga, meditation, and a lot more. I would highly recommend others to join the Poppy Life Care family. I love being part of Poppy Life Care!”