Life Coaching

At some point, we all feel “stuck” or helpless because of some recurring theme or pattern in our everyday actions.

Poppy Life Care’s partnership with Susanna Peace Lovell offers Life Coaching that can help you break out of unhealthy patterns, figure out ways to transform your relationship with your family, embrace self-care and more.

The purpose of a life coach is essentially to work in partnership with an individual or family to help them reach their potential across all facets of life.

With the help of a life coach, you can
identify areas of personal growth, better manage your time and energies, overcome obstacles and more.

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You can take the classes at your own pace, and Poppy Life Care customers get $50 off the course fees.

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About Susanna Peace Lovell

Susanna Peace Lovell

Susanna is a certified Life Coach dedicated to helping families with special needs, and is a parent of a daughter with an autism spectrum disorder, so she is especially attuned to the challenges faced by families with special needs children, both at home and in the child’s classroom.

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