Inclusive Education Project

For children living with special needs, schooling can present unique challenges. Across the board, each child has a different way of learning, however, children with special learning needs may require special education and related services in order to access their education like other students. Children with special needs therefore can benefit from the development of an Individualized Education Plan. Depending upon your child’s needs, these education plans can range from simple to complex. Regardless, the goal is to ensure your child’s academic success.

Poppy Life Care’s partnership with the Inclusive Education Project (IEP) offers Poppy Life Care families the opportunity for IEP attorneys to review your child’s education plan and/or offer support to establish an Individualized Education Plan for your child. Following the consultation, Poppy Life Care families can choose to retain additional services from IEP attorneys. Additional services may be provided for free depending on the family household income and/or may be provided for a discounted rate.

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