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Suffer no more. Living with ASD, ADHD, Anxiety or depression can make life difficult but Life does not have to be.

Autism & ADHD

 Anxiety & Depression

What are they? How Are they Impactful?
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Poppy Life Care Plan

Build Healthier Habits For Your Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit

No more suffering and pain. ASD, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression can make life difficult but life doesn’t have to be.

Our trained practitioners support you and help guide you through the process of healing, coping tools and lifestyle changes.

We know you have a lot on your plate, we know life can be difficult. We are here to help.

Holistic Services

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit
Mindfulness Coaching
How can mindfulness help?

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Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching
Food is medicine

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Music Vocal Lessons
Therapeutic Benefits of Music

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Erica Solis

Erica Solis

Certified student mental health provider and autism specialist.

Dr. Kimberly Carnall

Dr. Kimberly Carnall

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, certified in yoga and reiki.


I did the Live Virtual Meditation with Jen and it was a great class for those new to meditation. She took the time to explain the techniques and goals for the class before we dove into the session. Her voice and the environment she was in were very soothing. I really enjoyed the experience.

Summersun Client

Right now, the world needs help on all fronts, and thank goodness Poppy Life Care's mission is to help. Since we are all facing a global pandemic and ecological crisis, everyone needs to rise to be their best selves, and we cannot do it if we are experiencing crippling anxiety, depression, or stress-related illness. I am signing up for another meditation and feel better after Jennifer's gentle coaching.

Victoria Yu Client